Belle Rose Flower Boutique are a staple of the Leigh Broadway and with these flower displays it’s hard not to see why.

Vintage Levi’s, New Wayfarers and Kohd leather cycling gloves.

Light/Shadow Play

Miss me.

Home is not a place.

Home is not a place, or a building or a portion of space.

Home is far less tangible, it’s not just the space it’s the time as well. It’s the people we love. It’s the air we breath at that very second and the ones we share it with.

This week I’ve slept in 4 different beds, 4 different houses and I’ve never felt more at home. Each house was filled with the people I love. Crammed with laughter and tears. Overflowing with love and affection.

Where there’s a will.

There’s a way.

I’m back…

16 Teeth.

16 teeth is a project I’ve started, since buying this bike nearly 6 months ago, it’s sat in the shed not doing much and looking fairly sorry for itself.

Then fired by rising petrol prices, a longing for a fixie and a spare afternoon I took to pulling the steed apart.

The long term plan is to start riding to work regularly, and at 10 miles thats a lengthy ride (to me anyway). So I’m documenting my steep learning curve here, on 16 Teeth

It’s a blog that will cover everything from actual cycling, to DIY cycling bits and Cycle related things I find interesting.


Made the move over to Lightroom…

Hello VSCO Film 03 + 04!

Who says when we have to stop?

Who say we can’t go there or can’t be here?

A weekend in Kent.

Trying to keep my VSCO Grid cleaner than my IG.

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