Long weekend in Ireland.

Flying out on Thursday evening and spending the night in Dublin we caught the early coach down to Carrick-on-suir for a weekend of Golf, chilling and then back up to Dublin for a tour of the Guinness factory.

Siamese Fighting Fish - my favourite fish, but such divas.

The day the Tour came to Chelmsford.

Simon + Natalie | An Essex Barn Wedding

Getting married in her fathers barn was always Natalie’s dream and 6 weeks before they said their vows it was still only their dream.

They got married in the barn at Wat Tyler Country Park and the day county have gone smoother. The sun shone, all family members obliged us and climbed up on the hay bales for photographs, and as the sun disappeared Simon and Natalie obliged me by heading out once again getting some stunning photos of them in the setting suns fading light.


Hayley | 2014

Hayley | 2014

Belle Rose Flower Boutique are a staple of the Leigh Broadway and with these flower displays it’s hard not to see why.

Vintage Levi’s, New Wayfarers and Kohd leather cycling gloves.

Light/Shadow Play

Miss me.

Home is not a place.

Home is not a place, or a building or a portion of space.

Home is far less tangible, it’s not just the space it’s the time as well. It’s the people we love. It’s the air we breath at that very second and the ones we share it with.

This week I’ve slept in 4 different beds, 4 different houses and I’ve never felt more at home. Each house was filled with the people I love. Crammed with laughter and tears. Overflowing with love and affection.

Where there’s a will.

There’s a way.